Five Reasons to Love Fresh Baked Goods

posted by Gidge Uriza

  1. Fresh Baked Goods Jewelry all comes loaded with color change scripts, so for L$100 you get myriad options!
  2. The names are just fun and sassy. I love designers who come up with fun names for their items. It catches my attention – and makes me remember them.
  3. Variety – with a small selection they still manage to capture a range of jewelry needs from cheeky retro, rocker to elegant.
  4. Beautiful, quality freebies. I get turned on by designers who love their customers, and prospective customers, enough to put out something nice.
  5. Price. I realize I already mentioned it, but when you consider that we don’t blink at spending L$300 or more on some pieces, knowing that Fresh Baked Goods has their items set at about L$100…..really, what a steal.

And no, this is not a paid endorsement. I just really love their jewelry!

I was feeling like a kicky club girl, in Kunglers Juliah bodice, Digit Darkes kitty cat skirt and new NEW SHOOOOZ from Tesla (sweet she put the fatpack of Lori shoes on sale! YAY!). The big old clunky bracelets were just the finishing touch – doncha think?

You can check out the entire photo shoot HERE.

All Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR photo studios.

Fashion Details

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Skin – Pxl Crys Cat Eyes Raspberry Lips
  • Eyes – FNKY – Purple Rain
  • Hair – Diversity Hair Kinka – Platinum Blonde
  • Top – Kunglers Juliah Bodice
  • Skirt – Digit Darkes X3D Kitty Cat
  • Shoes – Tesla – Lori in Champagne
  • Nails – Kunglers (comes with Juliah outfit, as do earrings)
  • Bracelets – Fresh Baked Goods Bright Sprinkle Donut Bangles

5 thoughts on “Five Reasons to Love Fresh Baked Goods

  1. kesseret

    Also they are well put together and designed (I do jewelery too- and love to see well put together pieces).

    Oh, and Sweetie is the sweetest, indeed. The other designers probably are all just as sweet!

    I don’t usually buy jewelry, but I own their stuff.

  2. Sweetie Pye

    Thanks so much for the kind compliments Gidge, it means so much to me and the girls. We really love making things that people enjoy and we are determined to keep the prices below $100 Lindens so that everyone can feel like they are splurging on themselves no matter what their Linden balance may be. Oh, and don’t cam close, you will see the perfectly imperfect nature of our work, that is what happens when you hand place every single prim (we are such amateurs). *lol*

    @ Kesseret – You are such a lovely person, and you have been so generous with your time and advice in the last weeks, I appreciate it so very much.

  3. Cajsa Lilliehook

    I would suggest there’s more reasons to love FBG.

    6) a perfect model of disclosure and transparency with customers during a difficult crisis

    7) modeling the value and dignity of picking yourself up and carrying on with the release of the fabulous Turkish-inspired bracelets this week.

    8) resilience, courage and grace under fire.

    9) flexibility and imagination – their new release a complete departure in style and form

    10) Professionalism. With all that is going on, they don’t allow it to infect their work and their public mood.

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