Chantilly Lace

Chantilly lace and a pretty face
And a pony tail hanging down
That wiggle in the walk and giggle in the talk
Makes the world go round

Okay, I just love that song and would dig it out for anything, but it seems to fit with the lovely lace in this jacket. I have another prim jacket of lace made by Rano Noel that I blogged recently. Sadly her store is closed, her website is down and she has not responded to several im’s and note card inquiries. I can only conclude the has left SL for awhile.

Because that jacket was a wardrobe staple I pulled out a lot, I knew I had to find one that met those same needs so I would not be repeatedly blogging one item that you have no chance of finding. So I asked my friend Miffy to make a new one. Basically what was needed was a prim jacket (so you can wear it over those frequent jacket-layer-only tops), that was tintable and had a lace texture to reveal the top underneath and not look too heavy.

This jacket is what she came up with and it definitely works great. It’s a different shape from the other, coming up higher in the back, having a more distinctly curved tiers of lace, approaching the front draping in differently and also itting very differently. It is more structured as a jacket than the other. I love them both – but this one – you the readers have access to. I think because she made it as a favor, she is selling it for only 20L and you get two jackets, one that attaches to the chest, the other to the spine.

With it, I am wearing the Armidi Hoja top, a skirt from Elate and boots from Stiletto Moody.

The skin is Laqroki’s Emma – one I purchased long ago before she started making smoky eyes for Amy. I chose it for its similarity to the Amy skin – freckles, a sweet expression. I loved it but for some reason my ex found it disconcerting – too close to Amy but different I guess. So, it’s had little wear, but the ex in ex-partner means Emma may get more airtime now. The hair is another adorable JunWave style and thanks again, Ana!

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio
****STYLE NOTES******

  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Lashes: SinSkins Portia
  • Skin: Laqroki Emma smoky 01
  • hair: Junwave Devil Red
  • Top: Armidi Hoja Silver
  • Skirt; Elate Lillie
  • Jacket: Zenith Lace Jacket @ Don’t Ask
  • Boots: Stiletto Moody Tall Boot Croc color
  • Jewelry Spica: Shadow Beades Set

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