Ding Ding! Hello….I Lost my Key!

posted by Gidge Uriza

A night out on the town always means something new. I can’t wear something you have already seen! Which means very little recycling in my wardrobe. However there are things I love and trot out – abandoning the very tenant that I pretend is a covenant of my SLifestyle.

Basically, I’m fickle.

One thing I’ve always loved, though, was my Edgy Wilds hair that I bought from Aleri Darkes back when God was a boy. I was sad to discover, when I started doing this blog, that this hair was nowhere to be found anymore. I whined and whined and Aleri made some comment a while back about retexturing it but really…..why on earth would she ever bring it back just because one whiny fashionista moaned about it?

BECAUSE SHE LOVES ME THAT’S WHY!!! How do I know this?

On a recent “running the gauntlet” of my favie stores I ran into Diversity Hair (after rolling through Digit Darkes of course) and Aleri was there putting this beautiful cocktail dress up for sale. Having a cocktail party to go to that very NIGHT I thought it was fortuitous and snapped one up. But then, casting my eyes over to the new hair releases she had put out WHAT DID I SEE? My EmoGadget failed to properly emote my joy. EDGY – Re-released in ALL the new textures! As I did the dance and song of joy around her store Aleri gave me a megapack of the new release of Edgy for a present. I would TOTALLY  make out with her if she was a boy.

The new release doesn’t include the sassy bows – but this girl still has hers so I popped them on for a little more of a Lolita Edge to the style. Aleri reworked it just a little, updated the ‘do – but it’s still a dichotomy of Sophisticate-Lolita.  That’s right. I said dichotomy.

And check out the straps on this dress. Notice they don’t go wonky at my shoulder blades? When you’re sitting back wondering what the difference is between the so called good designers and the rest, look at some of your favorite items and look for subtleties like this. Wonky should straps are the bane of my existence.

Now after a night out on the town so irrepressibly CUTE how can I be expected to have kept my purse and room key together? Ding ding ding! I need let back into my room! Pleeeeeeeze?

Fashion Details
Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
Skin – EC Skin V2 Nadya Natural
Eyes – FNKY Purple Rain
Hair – Diversity Hair Edgy in French Roast
Hair Bows – From Original Release of Edgy by Diversity Hair
Dress – Aleri Darkes designs AD Lavana in Sky
Shoes- Periquita Retro Round in light Blue
Earrings – Vogart
Necklace – Pearl Twist by Bonitas
Nails – coffeebean by AE

4 thoughts on “Ding Ding! Hello….I Lost my Key!

  1. Harper

    All well and good…but why does the guest register you’re paging through look more like a codex of Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks…?

    (Grin) Seriously, though, this is a great look, especially the hair! I need to look into this when I get back in world next week.

  2. Efemera Bisiani

    Yay! Aleri’s a star retexturing all her older styles – and I know she’s working hard on new hair for the upcoming expo, but still putting out new clothes. What a chick! And you look just darling!

  3. Harper

    Either we’re the SLiterati, or I’m just plain overeducated (grin).

    I should have a chance to jump in world either late tomorrow or Sunday, touch (virtual) wood. Take care until then!

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