Vacancy! Sweet!

Posted by Gidge Uriza

I’ve been a bit slaggy and worn out since the Blogher Conference (being logged into SL because you have to is soooo different that because you want to) and decided I needed some time to just rest. Cajsa suggested a quiet country motel with lots of fresh air and good, “salt of the earth” people.

I think I’ve found JUST the place. Waddya think? 🙂

The Blogher conference this year was noticeably light on swag – last year we had a lot of In World vendors giving In World swag and not just lame logo shirts. (Hint, we don’t want your logo shirt. We are bored by your logo shirt. Only your staff wear your logo shirt – and your really good friends.)  But I don’t ATTEND for the swag so it was only a minor blip on my radar, and truthfully if I hadn’t heard it a couple of times I might not have noticed at all.

However, on the second night at the cocktail party at Callie Cline’s Beach Resort, the QUANTITY of missing swag was suddenly MASSIVELY made up for by QUALITY swag.

We were given a gift box by Callie Cline containing the Always Love Jeans and Tintable T-shirt (umm, these are officially my favorite pixel jeans of the moment). Plus a SKIN. I’m wearing all of it.

Now – A confession…..

I don’t really KNOW anything about Callie Cline or her designs. Isn’t that lame? But the truth is, I can’t shop everywhere even though I’d like to and sometimes no matter how much I hear a name, I just never GET OVER THERE. I’ve heard of her forever.  But now I love her and must seek her out. And in reading her blog, I realize I’ve owned a RainBowa forever and just didn’t know who made it. (I should break that sucka out sometime soon).

Thanks to CallieCline for the lovely gift to the Bloghers and thanks so much to for hostessing our cocktail parties. Now……to see if I can get a room!

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Fashion Details
Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
Skin – La Sylphide – Ingrid for CalGal – Blogher Gift from Callie Cline
Hair – Brat by Diversity Hair in Royal Purple
Eyes – Purple Rain by FNKY
Shirt and Jeans – Always Love blogher gift from Callie Cline
Panties – (just peeking out above the jeans) Candy Girl Panties from Chic Boutique
Shoes – Juicy Slingbacks in Black Cherry
Necklace and Earrings – The Regina Collection Tri Color Topaz from Prinny’s Prims
Cigarette – C & D Designs Cigarette and pack (you can’t see the pack I think it’s hidden behind my head).

One thought on “Vacancy! Sweet!

  1. callie cline

    aww!! had i know the conference was low on swag i woulda added more stuff!!! the skin is a lovely skin by stephanie misfit of la sylphide and is ONLY for my group (and steph gave permission to give to the blogher girls)

    i’m so glad you liked the little gift box and look forward to meeting you sometime!!!

    my new shop just opened, a bit empty but stop by for some other freebies and new stuff going up daily!!!



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