An Inventory of 22k Begins With A Single Pair of Shoes

posted by Gidge Uriza

After my first few days in SL it became apparent that I wasn’t in Kansas anymore, so when sent off to buy “one decent pair of shoes” I found myself again the old X3d (now Digit Darkes) and walked right up to her DOROTHY shoes it seemed fortuitous. Realizing that these shoes would not match ANYTHING I owned, I think I made the decision then and there that all future purchases were going to have to MATCH my GOOD SHOES.

The Blingtard Crew I hung out with at the time (they are all dead to me now so I disparage them freely) were horrified by my shoe choice. “What do they GO with?” “Do they have a bling option?” “You could’ve gotten TWO pair of shoes for that price!”

And perhaps this is true. But could I have gotten two pair of shoes this magnificent, this DETAILED, for that price? I think it was my inner fashion diva scratching her way out, that day at X3D. She was saying “Don’t wear ugly clothes, better two have ONE of something good than 20 of something crappy.”

While I’ve since abandoned the rule that everything has to match these shoes, I still get a total delight whenver I put them on.  And so would you.

Fashion Details
Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
Skin – Lucy 03 Portrait skin by Laqroki
Hair – Bobby in Silver by House of Heart
Eyes – Purple Rain from FNKY
Dress – Red Lust by Digit Darkes
Shoes – Dorothy by Digit Darkes
Earrings and Necklace – Two Hearts in silver from RICX
Nails – Rogue by Adam n Eve

3 thoughts on “An Inventory of 22k Begins With A Single Pair of Shoes

  1. Gidge Uriza Post author

    🙂 Yeah I own an obscene amount of clothes from Digit – mostly bcse when I was new…….I didn’t know there was a search feature so that was the only store landmark I had.
    And then I got addicted…….and well…… we are…….

    Fashion Diva – Born at X3D.

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