You Americans, You're All the Same. Always Overdressing for the Wrong Occasions

posted by Gidge Uriza

I always blame my overdressing on my old friend Jenn Lemmon. She was a courtesan at the Moulin Rouge and she was a notorious OVER dresser. I told her once how much I envied her fantastic gowns, and that I wasn’t going to an event at Moulin Rouge one night because I just didn’t have the clothes for it…….and she laughed.

“Oh Gidge, don’t base your wardrobe on me. I ALWAYS overdress for everything.”

“Always Overdress for Everything” became my mantra the night she gave me L$1500 as a gift to go to Indyra to buy a wild pink gown complete with top hat. I fell in love with fun/nice clothes and HERE WE ARE.

Now I make YOU look at my fun/nice clothes!


I got this from Kunglers a few days ago and meant to wear it before now but hadn’t been able to make time with Blogher coming up. I was trying on clothes at the Blogher training station when my friend Hoshiko came over to visit. I had just slipped into this little number and her first words were, “Wow, you look cool.”  She never has an opinion one way or the other about my fashions so I knew I’d hit paydirt with the combo.

So when Cajsa suggested we go putz around Tempura Island I thought that this was a GREAT choice!  This slinky lurex fabric with a cool retro look is one of my new favorite “going out” dresses. They’ve included the earrings which I was excited about. It really completes the look.

Then she took me out to the pasture! 🙂 Perhaps we’ll say I’m juxtaposing club fashion with nature! Yes that’s it. Aren’t we cool?

Kunglers has a new blog where you can check out their new fashion too!

Fashion Details
Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
Skin – Party Red from Peppermint Blue
Eyes – FNKY – Purple Rain
Hair – Diversity Hair – Lily -Eclipse Poison
Dress – Kunglers Luminna
Shoes – Digit Darkes Mary Jane Sequin Silver Gingham check shoes (dollarbie at her store)
Sunglasses – Tesla -Enchant in Silver
Earrings – Kunglers Luminna (comes with dress)

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  1. Efemera Bisiani

    Awww, put out to pasture already? Surely not!! Isn’t Tempura Island wonderful?

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