Patriotica Part Seven – Hippie Hippie Shake

I had to admit I gave a giggle when I spotted this number on SLX. Not a total snicker, but OMG It’s got a scarf at the shoulder and bell bottom swishy sheer legs. Uber fun! It includes SKIN, and several different hair colors. I’m not wearing the skin, it was more pale than I care for but it was stars and stripes forever, I promise you that! It was a lot of fun but I opted to break out Hatchy’s USA FLAG skin instead.

If you do not win the best in red white and blue contest in this outfit, then the contest was RIGGED I TELL YOU! 

This link will take you to the SLX page where I bought it. It will deliver the landmark and then you need to hop over to the shop to pick it up. It was on the second floor when I got it. The owner was there and she was super sweet, there was a problem with the vendor and she ran RIGHT over ot fix it – which I thought said a lot considering it’s a freebie – don’t you?  Blackheart Batz is the designer and she really is a thoughtful lady – so thanks so much for helping me out! I was on a short timetable the day I ran to pick it up, so I really appreciated it.

Fashion Details
Shape – Gidge custom Shape – Hatchy Mills
Skin – Hatchy Mills- Kimmy USA – Don’t Ask
Hair – Part of BB July 4 Freebie box
Eyes – FNKY – Purple Rain
Outfit- BB July 4 Freebie Outfit
Shoes – Open Toe Blue Shoes – SKG

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