I'll Take Mine On the Rocks



As a former island dweller I have an ridiculous collection of beachwear – and madly enough I’m still buying. Well I do have a pool, so at least it gets used.
I had originally run over to Nicky Ree to pick up this lovely piece. But when surfing through her blog, looking at the lovelies to be had at her store and I ran into THIS . Never let it be said that I’m a freebie shopper only, my financial advisor Silo would definitely confirm this.  I instantly fell in love with the set and made a mental note to pick it up some time in the future.

But when I TP’d into Nicky Ree my pc froze up, due to lag or just my machine and I ended up crashing through the store and into a sea of grey images until something rezzed. So while everything came into focus, I got up and poured myself a cup of coffee – there is nothing I hate MORE than waiting on stuff to rezz.

When I returned to my comfy seat, hot cuppa joe in hand – WHERE HAD I STOPPED?

Right before this resort-wear combo – in PLUM even – the color I had noted I wanted to pick up.

Who am I to thwart destiny?

And since I HAD it in inventory I decided our next midweek event at MDR needed to be a BEACH PARTY! After all I HAD the fantastic beachwear to show off -it was meant to be. This combo is perfect for dancing on the beach, windsurfing, swimming or just lounging on the rocks and calling sailors to their death.

I also thought it was a great opportunity to throw on my purple pansy earrings from Petal Meg. Petal Meg has created a lovely collection of pressed flower jewelry in both RL and SL. Some of my favorite jewelry pieces come from there. I just adore that they are unusual and bring the vibrant colors of real flowers to any ensemble. I won these in her lucky chair – so you know I was delighted.

Fashion Details

Skin – Adam n Eve – Venus – Plum
Shape – Peppermint Blue – 190cm
Hair – Savannah in straw – CAKE
Nails – Adam n Eve – Plum
Suit – Nicky Ree – Jacinta Casual Beach Wear – Plum

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