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Patriotic Pair….

I’ve seen these jeans in posters around the grid for a while and FINALLY found them for sale… so I jumped on them… and when my friend Buzz saw me in them he said.. “hey, I think I have something almost just like that.” And with that…. you have an inspired blog post….. Meet my guest (impromptu) model – Buzz Bumblefoot.

Patriotic Pair - d

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Feeling sexy ;)

Hello, lovelies 🙂
I hope everyone is doing good.

s t a r s

Yesterday i finally found some time to spend on SL, so i went shopping and, after falling in love for the gorgeous corset from Baiastice, i decided to combinate it with other great stuff to style a totally new look.
Now now, i’ve never been a thigh high boots person, so i tried the Bax Regency Boots on just for fun, i thought they could go well with the corset and the look i had in mind.
And – OMG – i loved them the exact moment i wore the demo on. They’re just perfect.

Adore me ;)

So sexy *_*

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On Safari

While updating my notecard, I dressed for my travels in a lovely pair of capris and a comfortable leopard print top from Kunglers for Culture Shock. Now, let’s hope I don’t run into any leopards who might take umbrage . They looked so “safari chic” I had to pop back to Cap Estel to shoot some pics on safari. It’s a great place to visit and you can tour the safari by riding the giraffe which will take you around the park to see all the animals.
Some people might say it’s rude to mock the animals while on safari, but really isn’t humor part of the raison d’etre of ostriches?
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