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WTF Weds 3: What is Gidge Wearing?

Ah it’s not such a hard one this week for you dyed in the wool fashionistas.
I can personally guarantee that nearly everything I’m wearing has been slathered all over the feeds recently.
Mostly, because I put it there.

Our Prize this week is donated by the ultra talented Monica Outlander of Miamai and is a gc worth 1000L.
So with a 1000L prize on the line, let me lay out the rules once again. We had some technical difficulties last week but I don’t anticipate a repeat.

Copy and paste the fashion details below into the comments on this post, filling in the blanks on the ones with the question marks. Whomever gets all/the most right wins the GC. Everyone who participates will get a prize though. All runners up get a pose pack from Gesticulate!

Answers and winner will be announced tomorrow morning!
Photography by Gidge
for It’s Only Fashion
****STYLE NOTES******
Skin: ?????
Eyes: Amacci
Lashes: ?????
Hair: ????
Top: ?????
Pants: ?????
Shoes: Indyra Originals Mischief Wedge
Rings: ?????
Earrings:Bliensen + MaiTai
Manicure: PXL Manicure
Tail: Psychotic Neko/Callie Cline – Extreme Tail

WTF Weds 2 – WTF Is Gidge Wearing?Reposting due to Technical Difficulties

***HEY GUYS I HAD TO REPOST BECAUSE SOME COMMENTS WERE LOST. IF YOU COMMENTED PLEASE COMMENT AGAIN! AND A COMMENT GOT APPROVED BY MISTAKE – SO THE SKIN IS TULI LOL! Prize is STILL 1500L GC and an additional 500L to whomever guesses the most correct right! Let’s see those comments (again) sorry guys!***
Good Morning kiddies and it’s time for another round of EVERYONE’S favorite fashion game show – WTF IS GIDGE WEARING?!?!?!?
This week we’re competing for a 1500L Gift Card to Miao for whomever can name 100% of my fashion details correctly.
There ARE prizes for those who even guess – so please, give it a whack! Continue reading


Welcome to the FIRST EDITION OF WTF WEDNESDAY where you get to name my fashion details!

So what AM I wearing?

Put your guesses in the comments, and if you get them all right and are the first commenter to do so – you’ll win a 1000L Gift Card to Sn@tch! To which I say HUZZAH!

I don’t get to say HUZZAH enough in my every day life.

And how about a closeup?

This is where you play! Copy and paste the details below into the comments with your guesses. NO COMMENTS WILL BE RELEASED UNTIL THURSDAY ON THIS POST – to give everyone time to play regardless of time zone. I have filled in some. YOU FILL IN THE REST!

Photography by Gidge
for It’s Only Fashion
****STYLE NOTES******
Poses: Luth
Skin: ??? (Brand and name of skin is enough,you don’t have to get which makeup it is)
Eyes: Poetic Color Lavender Field
Lashes: Miamai – Les Makeups – Tattoo Lashes
Hair: ????????
Outfit Skirt and Shirt: ?????
Shoes: ?????
Belt: ?????
Manicure: Pxl Creations – Manicure Red 1


On Weds 11.17.10 I’m going to be introducing a new feature here on IOF called WTF WEDS!!! This is how it’s going to work!

I’m going to do a post and you get to fill in the fashion details. I’m not going to approve ANY comments during the day for that post so that no one can get any “ideas” of what the style details are. I’ll release the comments and announce the winner on Thursday.

The Winner will be the FIRST person – based on comment time stamp – to give me ALL the fashion details correct (or most of them). If we have more than one person get them all right, the winner will be the one with the FIRST time stamp correct and everyone AFTER that will get a new pose pack from Gesticulate!

Anyway, it’ll be a festive weekly game.

And if you want the truth, it was my husband Silo’s idea because once again I’d forgotten to write down any fashion details and had to log in to get them, he said “You should just make it a contest” and VOILA a fun idea was born.

It might seem like I’ve been drinking. But I promise, I’m not drunk.

Watch this space for………..WTF WEDS! Coming to a blog feed near you….