WTF Weds 2 – WTF Is Gidge Wearing?Reposting due to Technical Difficulties

***HEY GUYS I HAD TO REPOST BECAUSE SOME COMMENTS WERE LOST. IF YOU COMMENTED PLEASE COMMENT AGAIN! AND A COMMENT GOT APPROVED BY MISTAKE – SO THE SKIN IS TULI LOL! Prize is STILL 1500L GC and an additional 500L to whomever guesses the most correct right! Let’s see those comments (again) sorry guys!***
Good Morning kiddies and it’s time for another round of EVERYONE’S favorite fashion game show – WTF IS GIDGE WEARING?!?!?!?
This week we’re competing for a 1500L Gift Card to Miao for whomever can name 100% of my fashion details correctly.
There ARE prizes for those who even guess – so please, give it a whack!

Just like last time I will approve NO comments until early Thursday morning to give all time zones an opportunity to play.

Just like last week I’ll fill in some of the fashion details. You copy and paste the list below and put the rest of the guesses in the comments.

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with this week.

Oh and to be clear – Creator/Store name and name of item is good enough. Such as if the skin were Belleza you should say it was Allyson but you don’t have to tell me which makeup. I don’t expect THAT much of you. PS It’s not Belleza this week.

Photography by Gidge
for It’s Only Fashion
****STYLE NOTES******
Poses: Luth
Skin: Tuli
Eyes: Poetic Color Pink Ocean
Lashes: MiaMai – Les Makeups Lashes 15
Hair: ?
Dress: ?
Shoes: ?
Manicure: PXL Creations Manicure Pink 5
Hose: Miao – Ribbed Tights in Pink

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