WTF WEDS: What Is Gidge Wearing?

It’s time for another edition of WTF Weds! That awesome blog post where you try to figure out WHAT I AM WEARING!
Today I’m wearing some new and some old….but nothing tooooo hard.
Today’s Prize is a $L1000 GC to A-Bomb….

And For a HINT – if you are on my plurkline the skin is easy peasy.
For the rest……..well, there might be a pattern to these posts. Check the feeds check my previous posts……’ll figure it out.
Oh and Persephone Vlodovic…..I OWE YOU A POSE SET FROM LAST WEEK. I didn’t forget. I just keep forgetting. But I didn’t forget.

AND – to give you an extra shot at winning ………..I’ll let you get one wrong/miss one if you guess correctly WHERE I shot this.

To play:
Copy and paste the fashion details below into the comments section and answer the ones you know. The person getting the MOST of them right will win the GC.
No comments will be approved on this post until some time tomorrow to give everyone time to play regardless of time zone. Everyone who participates will get a pose set from Gesticulate! as participation prize!

Here we GO:

  • Shape – ???You oughta know this one by now. I only wear 1 shape.
  • Skin – ???Oh you plurkers oughta get this one
  • Hair – ??? It’s a new release….hint, it’s Vanilla Blonde color
  • Eyes – Poetic Color – Lavender Field
  • Lashes – Miamai- lesmakeups
  • Undershirt – 5th & Oxford-  Jori
  • Sweater – ???? -hint it’s cashmere
  • Jeans – ????
  • Scarf,hat,leggins and arm warmers ????
  • Shoes – ???? Hint, I love things named after me.
  • Manicure – PXL Creations

NOW – GO! Good Luck!

0 thoughts on “WTF WEDS: What Is Gidge Wearing?

  1. moniqsalamander

    Hey there 🙂 Here’s my homework for this week:

    * Shape –Gidge – Savoir Faire
    * Skin – September – Exile
    * Hair – Lara (I think) – Vanilla Blond – Amacci
    * Eyes – Poetic Color – Lavender Field
    * Lashes – Miamai- lesmakeups
    * Undershirt – 5th & Oxford- Jori
    * Sweater – A-Bomb
    * Jeans – Star Skinny Jeans – A-Bomb
    * Scarf,hat,leggins and arm warmers – Knit set redback – A-Bomb
    * Shoes – Gidge – A-Bomb
    * Manicure – PXL Creations
    * Location – no idea, but I’d love to know ☺

    Thanks for the challenge :p

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