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Put on a little make up make up…..

Some people would call me a skin whore but what I love more than skins are different types of make-ups. Not just like blushes and lipsticks and regular good ol add-on’s. I mean make-ups that transform your face. I love it when creators take chances and get crazy. One of my favorite places for insane make-up is La Malvada Mujer. I’ve used a few of their add-on’s in my pictures below.

I wish more people would take advantage of make-ups. It can take a skin in a whole new direction. Also, don’t be afraid to wear skins with the no brow option. There are SO many brow tattoo’s out there. Some of my favorite brow add-on’s are from Nuuna’s and Rotten Toe. A creative brow can make a whole new look for you.

In the pictures below I started with a clean base from Nuuna’s, it has no makeup on it at all and no brows. This makes it easier to apply add-on’s.


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I raided my closet too!!!

I did the Raid Your Closet Challenge and it was a lot of fun. I chose an outfit that I can’t say either way if it’s still available or not. It’s from Violent Seduction and she did an overhaul and got rid of a lot of her older outfits. This one is called Dark Princess Ero in black and it’s mostly sculpted parts and has like 3 skirt options but the caged skirt is my favorite. If you’ve never been to Violent Seduction you should check it out…lots of great outfits.

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I'm on the edge…of whorey

Mesh and Frillies and Makeup OH MY! So many new goodies have been released this week I just can’t keep up. Elikatira finally released one of the sweetest hairs called Abbey. The store was packed when I picked it up, I bought it and got the hell outta there. If you are into makeups that are on the unique side, I suggest Nuuna’s Skins. She is so very creative. I’m wearing Zion in grey in the pictures.

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The future of my face…

is always uncertain. I like to change it all the time. The general shape of it is always the same but I LOVE makeups especially ones that are against the grain. We live in a world where almost anything is possible and I like to explore those possibilities on my avatar.
I’m wearing a few makeups and piercings from [ni.ju]. If you’ve never been there it’s a really cute boutique with a variety of interesting make up layers and awesome piercings and a few other odds and ins. Everything is set at super awesome prices too.

So, yea, don’t be afraid to take chances with your avatars, be creative, get crazy, experiment with makeups! It’s a lot of fun!

Hybie is wearing:

[ni.Ju] Hime-yu blush (pic 1) [ni.Ju] Cat Scratch . purple (pic 2)
[ni.Ju] Chain Chomp Piercing w/ flexi chain (mouth piercing)
[ni.Ju] Amaterasu Piercing
Nuuna’s Skins: Skittles Pale Bare
Ibanez Eyes – Gemstone Natural – Iceberg
Garage: Decorative sculpted eyelashes 05
FAP! – Silver Padaung Ring