Put on a little make up make up…..

Some people would call me a skin whore but what I love more than skins are different types of make-ups. Not just like blushes and lipsticks and regular good ol add-on’s. I mean make-ups that transform your face. I love it when creators take chances and get crazy. One of my favorite places for insane make-up is La Malvada Mujer. I’ve used a few of their add-on’s in my pictures below.

I wish more people would take advantage of make-ups. It can take a skin in a whole new direction. Also, don’t be afraid to wear skins with the no brow option. There are SO many brow tattoo’s out there. Some of my favorite brow add-on’s are from Nuuna’s and Rotten Toe. A creative brow can make a whole new look for you.

In the pictures below I started with a clean base from Nuuna’s, it has no makeup on it at all and no brows. This makes it easier to apply add-on’s.


Picture ONE:

Eyes: IKON – Ardent Eyes – Platinum (L)
SKin Base: Nuuna’s Skins – SKittles Pale Bare
Eye Brows: Nuuna’s Skins – Eyebrows 13
Makeup: La Malvada Mujer – I wanna be Beth Ditto #5
Lashes: Garage: lashes – v.20


Picture TWO:

Eyes: IKON – Ardent Eyes – Black (L)
Skin Base – Nuuna’s SKins – SKittles Pale Bare
Make Up – Kooqla – Chameleon – Mercury
Lipstick – Exodi – Sophie – Cachet – Chocolate
Lashes – Garage – lashes v.20


Picture THREE:

Eyes: IKON – Ardent – Bone (L)
Skin Base: Nuuna’s – Skittles Pale Bare
MAke up: La Malvada Mujer – Anthology of transition
Lipsticks: Adore&Abhor – 13 Lips Fire Red
Lashes: Garage – lashes v.20

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