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Guest Stylist Amase Levasseur

Amase Levasseur_009.jpg

Amase Levasseur is another volunteer guest stylist. I met her when she came with her partner to get some pictures taken of them and she quickly became a favorite. She is one of those people who is enjoying SL to the fullest – and always willing to come for some fun times. Here’s what she had to say about the guest styling post, “Caj and Gidge among others have encouraged me to do some mixing and matching and playing with accessories to make outfits my own instead of just “off the rack” in both SL and RL. It’s much more fun now to figure out just the right mix to claim or own a look rather than it wearing me!”

Amase Levasseur_006.jpg

We stopped by the gas station at Virtual Decay for some photos.
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