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Little Greenie, I Will Always Be Your Fool

There was an AREA 51 themed party this weekend at The Garden to celebrate this month’s theme, and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be a poodle skirt diner girl or an alien. I dithered and went back and forth. The best part was, I was putting it all together from fun new and old items in my inventory – proof positive that you don’t have to go out and bankrupt yourself to participate in fun theme events. Continue reading

War and Cakes

I invited Gogolita over to play WAR and eat cakes last night. The Liason Collaborative’s THE GARDEN is opening up today and Cory Edo of Trompe Loeil has released a Vintage Diner style kitchenette that’s adorable. Continue reading

Beach Blanket Bingo Is For Ugly People

To celebrate the opening of THE GARDEN this round, there was a beach party over at THE NEST. It just so happened that I had a new bikini and nowhere to be for at least an hour, so I failed to touch up my roots yet ran over anyway to frolic in the sand with everyone. Continue reading