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1965 was a strange year in fashion with the advent of bell-bottoms and granny dresses, one-shouldered sari dresses and metallic catsuits, flowing paisleys and the Mondrian dress. It was also the year of Edie Sedgwick, declared the “It Girl” by Vogue. Sedgwick was a fashion original with a free and rebellious style. She wore tights with nearly everything and added huge chandelier earrings, heavy eyeliner and a casual short moptop cut. She has an ease and freedom to her that made her captivating in photos. How perfect, then, is this Sedgwick dress from Ingenue for Collabor88.
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The Return of the 26.2 Hour DJ Set!

It’s Fashionable to GIVE this time of year and ONCE AGAIN our beloved friend MAHT is gonna be a gibbering mess my DJing for 26.2 STRAIGHT HOURS at the Velvet as a fundraiser for HEIFER!
I’m in the process of culling donations gifts from some the grids finest creators! So everyone who donates is gonna nab some sweet loot in addition to helping a VERY worthy cause.
Creators if you are interested in donating anything – please IM me or private plurk me at www.plurk.com/gidge.

We look forward to seeing you there! 🙂