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E is for Eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious (Thanks, Arora!)


I noticed when doing my credits for this post that I have two “E” items which had me asking plurk for more. . The first is this cute leather mini from E! (see the exclamation point) which is Eclectic Apparel, the work of Eclectic Wingtips. It comes with a hud that allows you to change the metal findings from gold to silver to black and back. You also can change the upper “belt/sash” portion with several color and print options. It’s sassy and short and just the perfect choice for the new ruffled top from La Penderie de Nicole, which also comes with options, including black with several choices in contrast ruffle lining.  Continue reading

Diaphanous Spindrift


Onomatopoeia is the word that describes those words who sound like the sounds they describe. As the song goes, it’s “sort of zoom, zip, hiccup, drip
Ding, dong, crunch, crack, bark, meow, whinnie, quack.” But I think we need a word for words that sounds like what they mean. Take diaphanous, for example. Diaphanous usually is used to refer to sheer fabrics, but to me, the word even sounds diaphanous. Isn’t there something sort of light and feminine of the “dis” leading into the soft and delicate sound of “phan” that rolls in to whispery soft “pus.” Of course a word that sounds like that has to mean delicate, light, ethereal.


The Splash (onomatopoeia) dress from SySy’s is diaphanous. Its layers are sheer as cobwebs, a gossamer confection of sheer fabric floating over another layers of fabric and falling like a spindrift on the waves of the ocean. The ombre silver to green color of the fabric adds to the seafoam delicacy as to the waves suggested by the hemline.

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