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I used to love playing Lotería – a graphic bingo/keno game very popular in Mexico. We played it in Spanish class on the days when our teacher was tired and really would have rather been home with a blanket and a good book.  She pretended it was in the lesson plan, but we all knew better. What made Lotería so funwere the fabulous and, to us, bizarre illustrations.  You cannot play without wondering how those particular items were chosen to be the magical 54 illustrations. Whatever it was – it was genius and so are the lovely Lotería earrings and other jewelry produced recently  by Halfpint Pennel from the Stokame Artist Colony. It’s so great to find something new and different and fun. I have to say the same thing when I mention the scarf shown here. From Vette’s, this scarf is a clever combination of prim with your choice of undershirt, shirt or jacket layer options that makes it look nearly flawless.

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