It's a FABBIE FOR:The SLuicide Girls


I’d like to take a moment to just say HUZZAH to the SLuicide Girls and their tits.

This FABBIE is simply because, they made me laugh on a bad day a few days ago and sometimes that’s good enough to earn you a FABBIE.

(image from the SLuicide Girls Blog)

I don’t know who the RL Suicide Girls are, what they are about or why these guys decided to do this blog. And really, I don’t care. I could look it up but meh. Why?

The SLuicide Girls embody everything that’s a FABBIE at this moment in time, they are fabulous and they’re not afraid to get their tits (or anything else) out. Which is kind of a hoot.

So Rock on SLuicide Girls and your tits. You guys are a hoot.


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