And the Fabbie Goes To… Achariya

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This post is a Fabbie!

Achariya Maktoum began blogging just a week after I joined Second Life®, well before I even knew there were fashion blogs. When I began reading the blogs, her posts always stood out for several reasons. The creativity of her styling, her distinct voice and the quality of her writing. Never content to be good, she also actively worked to learn new skills in editing her photos and developed a photographic vision as distinct and powerful as her writing.  Today she posted her last post as she has decided to focus her talent for writing in real life pursuits. While that is sensible in terms of career and in life, I know we will all miss her imaginative vision and her unique voice.


Acha invited friends to show up for a last post picture. It's a testament to her that so many people were thrilled to come, even if not thrilled at the reason.


Achariya’s blog became a favorite of many readers for several reasons. Primarily, she offered something different. She loved alternative fashions and skins and readers could never predict what she might come up with from one day to the next. She also had a lot of common sense. For example, an old complaint about fashion blogging has been that bloggers blog the same things.  As she pointed out in her Same Damn Thing Challenge, that even so, they would look very different. She also was a firm supporter of content designers and a sensible voice in the controversy over how to respond to content theft, doing a series of posts highlighting creators and asking their experience and thoughts on content theft. And of course, Boy Acha has been appearing in this blog for the last few months as she jumped in to help keep this blog active while I was so sick. Because that’s what she’s like, ready to jump in with both feet when she’s needed.  So, the Fabbie for today and for always goes to Achariya. Good luck with your new ventures.

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  1. Tanya

    Dear Miss Cajsa,

    You’re amazing too, with your fabbies and your superior photography skills and your intelligence and ability to withstand so much pain as you simply truck on with your beautiful blog/self. It was an honor to work for It’s Only Fashion. Thank you.

    <3 Acha

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