Second Life Photos: What I Like #12

Feed Your Creativity

Feed Your Creativity by Jewel Appletor aka Karalyn Hubbard

I like Feed Your Creativity by Jewel Appletor aka Karalyn Hubbard. Do I even have to say why? Her entire stream is filled with similar work, bringing together elements of Second Life® in shots that look like illustrations, but actually have very little post-processing.. While the subject is centered, it is not symmetrical, the flowers are in the lower left and upper right, framing her face. I just love everything about this picture. However, picking just one item from her stream was difficult. Her newest picture of birds is darling.

Oɴ Tᴏᴇs

I like On Toes by Tank Jarrod Holden.

I like On Toes by Tank Jarrod Holden. When I came across this photostream last night, he had only 109 followers. How can this be? His entire stream is filled with extraordinary landscapes. I probably should have chosen one of the landscapes, but this whimsically romantic picture just appealed to me.  It is simple, but effectively creates a mood and tells a story. The light from behind helps create another plane, the people in the foreground, the mid ground, and the background outside

In for the kill

In For the Kill by B. tomstone

I like In For the Kill by B. tomstone. I love the moodiness of this phot. It’s simple, naturalistic and restrained, but has deep emotional depth created by the duotone desaturation. Her pose holds tension and by looking away from us, there is this air of mystery. The use of depth of focus makes it feel very natural. Notice too, the strong lines made by her arms and the shadows.


Wandering World 514 by Nekonuko Nakomori

I like Wandering World 514 by Nekonuko Nakomori. Doesn’t this feel like something from an illustrated story book?  She’s traveling the world in search of adventure, perhaps, or on a quest, a quest you just know will end with happily ever after.

Ever Outfit.

Ever Outfit by Gianni Broda

I like Ever Outfit by Gianni Broda. This is a fun way to compose a blog photo showing the full outfit and a head show. I like the wit that inspired it.

Are You Supposed to Be Drawing Me? by ◀︎ 2B ▶︎

I like Are you supposed to be drawing me? by ◀︎ 2B ▶︎. This is one of those pictures that makes me wonder if it’s first or Second Life. The lighting is exquisite. The desaturated colors remind me of those vintage photos before the development of color film that were delicately painted by the photographer. A wisp of blue on the blouse, a little gold to the hair and red in the lips, barely perceptible, but suggesting so much more than black and white alone.


Dishonored by Alex $anchou$

I like Dishonored by Alex $anchou$. The trees are in deep shadow, their trunks reaching into the ground and the deep, dark ground. It’s a strong frame for a beautiful landscape.

Dizzying speed

Dizzying Speed by Laura S

I like Dizzying Speed by Laura S. There is a starkness to this photo. With black and white, it’s all about form and composition. The subject is on the center line, but the rule of fifths is also at work. The items form a frame for the subject. It’s stunning.

Kicked Out!

Kicked Out by Marie Pearson

I liked Kicked Out by Marie Pearson. Pearson has an extraordinary photostream. This picture is so simple and yet so powerful. The light coming from the right is bright but is quickly diffused. There is bright white and deep dark shadows and such a strong sense of movement.


Diamonds… by Loki the Necromancer

I like Diamonds… by Loki the Necromancer. It’s a beautiful headshot. What really draws my attention is how so much of blown out into the background by the light, as though he is coming from the light.


#193 by Anya

I like #193 by Anya. This is a moody picture that is deeply evocative. I wonder what the story behind the picture might be. Is she simply tired from a long ride and taking a break? Is she feeling down and broken-hearted? What is she thinking? It seems like it must be important.

You're not the one......

You’re not the one by Kiana Jarman

I like You’re not the one by Kiana Jarman. So, I had to check the tags and groups on this photo be 100% certain it was Second Life. The light is magical, the skin is magical. Clearly there was some serious post-processing since gravity is working on ribbon on her neck.  I think the water works well since it lets the body sink into the surface and be flat the way it should.


Daydream by Kazicle.

I like Daydream by Kazicle. This is another photo with beautiful lighting that makes it feel so very real. There are leading lines from teh window and the hall way and his eyes follow those lines, all drawing us into the frame.

I was overwhelmed by how many great photos there are this week, so I will be posting this in two part.

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