Selected Short Cuts and Updos at Hair Fair

Hair Fair opened at midnight and in the overwhelming excitement of “shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen…beautiful hair” it is easy to forget the purpose of Hair Fair. It isn’t actually all about the hair. Well, actually it is, but the hair it is about it not made of pixels. It’s made of love.


KiK at Hair Fair

Shi Vanguard_001
Shi Pixie Boy_001
Shi Juxta_001

Shi at Hair Fair

Some of my favorite styles for their sheer wild abandon

CHEVEUX M08 Hair HF2016 GIFT Ver

Cheveux Free Gift at Hair Fair


DP YumYum 

+elua+ Yuka_Red [unrigged]_001


*TKW* Kayano [Fitted]_002
*TKW* Kayano [Fitted]_001

Tukinowaguma (sorry about that typo)

*~*Damselfly*~*Adette Non-Rig Mesh_001


(All photos show with Genesis Antonia Mesh Head and PXL Creations mesh eyes.)

  • Kik Ella
  • Damselfly Adette
  • YumYum Gift Hair
  • Tukinowaguma Kayano
  • Elua Yuka
  • YumYum 69H
  • Cheveux Gift Hair
  • Shi Junta
  • Shi Pixie Boy
  • Shi Vanguard
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