No One Else Leaves Or The MerKitten Gets It

In the past week I’ve had three deaths around the edges of my life, 2 in SL and 1 in the RL. I’ve had it.

Cajsa nailed it. It’s not a game if it makes you cry. Both of the people who died this week were not my besties. We didn’t talk “all the time”, we didn’t share secrets. But they were people who I took for granted, so my rage and grief is based in ego because I’m feeling sorry for myself that I didn’t value these people more. It’s causing me to evaluate myself, and wish I could do more for those who truly lost something, for those whose grief isn’t based in ego but in loss – some of whom are people I care about so very much in both lives. 

So I’ve decided that we’re DONE for 2015. I need everyone close to me, and everyone NOT close to me to be well. Stay here. If I don’t need you, people I care about probably do. Don’t make me cook this merkitten to punish the gods for taking you away, because I’ll do it.

Alright I won’t. The tail wags and it looks rather adorable, I confess. But I want to do something. I hate feeling powerless. I want to create a totem against this. I want to protect everyone at least for a while, and I hate that I can’t.

So I had a cry and I sent my condolences, and I told the universe that even if it doesn’t take requests, could this small, vain community please just get a small reprieve? Maybe? I think maybe it heard me.

Thank you SL for letting me know those people just a little. It was a wonderful gift.

Gidge is Wearing:
Poses: (HUD AO) SLC Beach Thing AO [ZHAO-II MB2.0.17mod] COLLABOR88
Head: .LeLutka.Mesh Head-ARIA v1.1
Hair: ::Exile::Walking On Sunshine HAIR FAIR2015
Dress: Foxes – Mer Dress – Blush Sparkle – SLINK COLLABOR88
Shoes: Garbaggio // Fishbone Sandals [SLink] – Fatpack COLLABOR88
Kitten: MishMish – Siamese Merkitten Holdable RH COLLABOR88
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High Left V2.1
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High Right V2.1
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2 – L – Casual
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2 – R – Casual
Mani/Pedi: The Wicked Peach
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V2.3.1
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Periwinkle (S)
Kitchen: Bazaar
Decor Items: The Arcade

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