Hair Fair Designers — Syndel Daviau & River Eternal

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Syndel Daviau and River Eternal are the design partnership behind the Asset hair salon. River Eternal described their relationship like this. “The shop is ours, but she’s the brain, I’m mostly the hands” When the brain and hands work together, some amazing things can be produced. Sandel Daviau completed the interview.

It’s Only Fashion: What’s the craziest thing you ever did in Second Life? Most exciting? Silliest? Is there a story you can share that captures your Second Life experience?

Sandel Daviau: The craziest, most exciting and probably silliest thing altogether that I’ve been doing in SL since my very arrival is to own roleplay sims. So far they have been about a dozen and I never can stop myself from thinking about the next one. It’s like an addiction to bring amazing playgrounds to the grid, much like making books come alive so people can play in them. I always think about stopping: “this will be my last sim!”, but when I see it I’ve already commissioned a new one.

Asset Max_003

Asset Max & Paper Couture Leather and Gold Earrings

What drew you to designing hair? When did you start? What are some of the changes that were most significant for you?

SD: Creating hair was a joint idea with my friend Beautifully Sinister. We started with Secrets Hair many years ago. Mostly she would build, I would texture and pack, make the promotion etc. But, then, real life got her for an extended period and to not let the shop die, I started making the hair, too. When mesh came to the grid, it was a HUGE change. I think many designers weren’t ready to adapt. I’m Brazilian and I couldn’t understand a thing of all videos that I would watch about Blender or Maya – besides none was ever about making hair anyways – and was totally saved by two fellow designers who took the time to teach me the basics of mesh.

Asset MaxIOF: How did you choose your store name? Does it have a special meaning for you? If your stores is named after yourself, how did you go about choosing your avatar name?

SD: The choice was pretty random. When we changed the textures at Secrets Hair, we renamed it Underscore. When we changed the textures from Underscore, we renamed it Asset. It has to do with the intention of adding up to people’s experience.

Asset Lance_002

IOF: What is most challenging and rewarding about being a creator in SL?

SD: The coolest thing is to go somewhere and see people wearing your stuff. There are no words to describe how fun that can be: to see that it was appreciated and helps someone’s depiction of their fantasy. The challenge is to create something different than what’s out there. I swear that some months it seems that all designers dreamed the same hairstyle because we release it and… blam… notice other shops did similar very recently or even simultaneously: it’s very awkward.

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Asset Lance

IOF: Where do you get inspiration for your designs? What is your process like?

SD: Our inspiration comes mostly from fantasy. The process is very organic: sometimes we start working based on a picture or drawing and the hair has life of its own and, when we notice it, it’s already entirely something else very unexpected and, sometimes, even a little crazy.

IOF: What sets your hair styles apart from other hair designers, in your opinion? What is your style or aesthetic?

SD: We focus mostly on men and roleplay styles.

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Asset Miracle

IOF: How has your second life changed your first life?

SD: Second Life is my job and is also my fun all at once in one place. I was able to quit my real life job and keep just to SL many years ago. I’m beyond glad that it exists.

Asset Rogue_003

Gizza Tiffany Romper, Tribal Armbands and Necklace

IOF: Is there anything else you would like to share with readers?

SD: If you have the wish to learn something, don’t give it up no matter how hard it might appear to be. Have faith in yourself. You may not be excellent at first and you may be one step behind all the time, but what matters is the walk: keep on moving forward.

IOF: What does Hair Fair mean to you?

SD: It’s a great honor to be a part of it. We were shy for many years in taking part. I’m glad that we did this year and we hope to be on the next editions as well! It means an opportunity to get to be seen by those who, otherwise, wouldn’t have heard about us while, also, helping an amazing cause that touches the lives of so many around the globe.

Asset Rogue_001

Store info at Blogging Second Life
Poses: Di’s Opera
HUDS: AnyPose Expression HUD v1.0
Skin: Glam Affair America
Mesh Attachments: .LeLutka.Mesh Head-KARIN v1.1
Slink Hands, Feet & Physique
Appliers: Glam AffairAria skin Applier [America] 02
Glam Affair Karin Applier [ America ] (Eyes, Lips)
Flair – Nails HUD Slink A/E – set 231
.LeLutka.Cassie hairbase HUD.Set 03
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom – Aquilius Eyes (Hazel)Small
Hair: > Asset < Hairs For Hair Fair
Clothing: GizzA – Tiffany Romper [Coffee
Shoes: Essenz – Lagos (Brown) Slink
Jewelry: GizzA – Tribal Armbands and Necklace
Paper Couture Leather & Gold Earrings Asset Rogue_002

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