Cajsa Fast Five: December 1st

Fast Five December 1st —  time races toward the end of the year. I have been slacking on my Fast Five. I have been slacking everywhere it seems. My health has not been great these past few months, but I finally got health insurance approval for physical therapy, so things are looking up.

  1. Let It Snow!  — Mokotana Boa has a delightful collage of Arcade gleanings with a fun little video perfect for December in the northern hemisphere.
  2. LOTD #493 Snow — Carolina Sauterau is adorable with cutest little bear on her arm.
  3. The Return of Harland Quinn – Season 2 of The Blackened Mirror — Prim Perfect updates us on the second season of the fabulous Second Life® serial mystery drama. Honour McMillan also wrote about this in A Good Kind of Drama.
  4. Red Shoes — Inara Pey has a piece about a wonderful art project highlighting the murder of 800 plus women in Juarez over the last decade. Combining art and activism in RL and SL – this is an exciting project.
  5. Away From the Keyboard — Whiskey Monday’s fabulous photographs are often featured in the Fast Five. Her last post announces a short hiatus while she works her way through a low period of depression. I admire her frank courage in writing clearly and honestly about depression. When my brother-in-law was in the grip of depression, I wish we had a better understanding of how it felt. If someone you know struggles with depression, this is worth reading for an insight into their experience. For another insight into that experience, check out Hyperbole and a Half’s Adventures in Depression.
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