Some Snaps from the Home Tour – WEEKEND ONE

I was cleaning out my SL purse and realized I had some snaps in there that I wanted to share from weekend one of the SL HOLIDAY HOME TOUR.  If you are interested in taking the tour on one of the upcoming weekends (I think there are two more) contact Tymmerie Thorne in SL or on plurk and she’ll get you the NC of Slurls!

The snaps I managed to take were at my friend Darkley Aeon’s house. You might know Darkley from Guerilla Avatar. Where she blogs flawlessly with a great sense of style and consistently great quality images.  If you haven’t checked out her blog before you SHOULD.

So, let’s look at her stuff.

Darkley is living back in my old neighborhood in the Government Housing. She’s prim limited but has made some great choices. She created a frosty winter living room look with hints of ice blue – looks like a lot of it is from Bazar which makes GREAT low land impact furniture.

It’s an elegant room but with a great wintry look.

Darkley is fighting the impending winter with a beach scene on her wall but her tree tells otherwise.


It’s cute. Not worth 27Li.

She has a Linden home with an upstairs so when I went up there, I found where the magic happens.

Darkley’s house was just one stop on the holiday home tour last weekend. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to checking out some more this coming weekend!

Contact Tymmerie Thorne if you wanna take the tour!



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