Cajsa Fast Five: August 26th

Fast Five Some great articles for you to check out today. I need to do this fast as I have to choose my music for tonight’s set at The Velvet. It starts at 5:00 p.m. SLT – and goes for two hours in case you want to come by.


  1. A Little Night Magic – Elle Couerblanc posted this a few days ago and I saved it because I love the mood and story told in her pictures.
  2. Hunts, Freebies and Moochers – Deoridhe Quandry sheds some much needed light on the issues that plague hunts and have turned folks away from hunting.
  3. Approval and Blurring Lives – River Pearl has wonderful photos of Wendigo Lake, an atmospheric setting that sets the mood for her discussion of SL as a place for dealing with grief. This caught my attention in part because my parent’s birthdays are coming tomorrow and the next day and I find myself each year going to sims that remind me of them. For some reason, I find their birthdays the time when I feel their loss most intensely.
  4. 181 – Spotted Deer – Opal Lei takes Dim Sum off to Maria Lynn Falls – a place I might just spend time tomorrow – remembering my dad and deer hunting.
  5. Liquid Mesh – Looking from All Sides – Inara Pey does her usual magnificent job of clarifying technical issues so that they make sense for us all.
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