The Lost Doll of the Forever Tea

Doll Tea 1

Many years ago, she became aware. Like any mind that becomes instantly aware, she had many questions, but alas, there was no one around to ask them.

On her tiny island home, she found many things, plant life, creatures and some structures. She seemed to have knowledge of what to do with all the things she found, knew their names and function.

Ingrained in her was the need to serve tea, though she did not know for whom. It became an obsession, to the point where she would stand by the teahouse door, and wait for the guests that never came.

Doll Tea 2

Sometimes she would stand there for days, letting the tea run cold, the food left to the insects and tiny furry creatures of the island. Her face became cracked and her porcelain tarnished with sun and age.

After a while she would snap back to it, sometimes after years of standing in pose by the door, only to stare off into the horizon, waiting for something, someone.

Doll Tea 3

Those that did venture close, when she was off stranded inside her own head, called the island cursed. No one knew of why she was there, or how she came to be, but her legend carried on through the ages.

They coin her in those legends as “The Lost Doll of the Forever Tea”.


A new round of Genre has started, and this time the theme is “Eastern Asia; The Lotus Flower”. There are so many designers this time around, there was a second room added to the event.

In most of this post are items from the event. Genre runs until the middle of September, so you have some time to go grab your goodies. I also snuck in a few things from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, which ends on the 21st of August, so just a few more days.

In regards to the Coco Doll avatar I am wearing. These avatars are rigged differently than the default avatar mesh. The creator made her own skeleton, so regular rigged mesh may not go on to the place you want it to. As we all know, we can’t change the position of rigged mesh. The Lotus Coat does work however, you have to wear the medium size, and the collar will sit up a bit higher. Pop off the top arm mesh pieces, as you don’t need them, and just be careful of your poses, anything too crazy will make your mesh hips to pop out either side. I’m not wearing pants, but you could get some of the Coco Doll clothing to go under the coat, there is room for it, and you would be set to go out in public.

I also modded and moved a few of the Genre pieces to better showcase them for my post. The flower on my left pec is actually a hair comb, the flower on the right side of my head has been rotated to show off it’s glory.


Mesh Doll Head – Dollcoco – Adele Head in Snow
Mesh Doll Body – Dollcoco – Body in Snow – Group Gift (Free to Join)
Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum – Blossom Maiden in Buccaneer with Traditional Dark Branches – NEW @ Genre
Hair Flowers – Bliensen + Maitai – Lotus Hair Corsage in Mixed Flowers – NEW @ Genre
Flower Brooch – Volstead – Lotus Comb in White – NEW @ Genre
Necklace – Collisions – Gaogui Necklace – NEW @ Genre
Pipe – Okami – Kiseru Red Koi Pipe – Gacha Item
Coat – Spyralle – Lotus Coat in Maple – NEW @ Genre
Parasol – Sense-Able Fashions – Lotus Blossom Parasol in Green/Pose 5 – NEW @ Genre

Teahouse – [CIRCA] – Ayumu Teahouse in Brown/Red – NEW @ Genre
Sitting Set – [CIRCA] – Ayumu Sitting Set in Red – NEW @ Genre
Dragon Table – Okami – Dragon Table in Red – Gacha Item
Vase – Mirage by KRC – Zen Stone Vase with Japanese Branch – NEW @ Genre

Poses – Icons of Style – Laura pose set – Discounted @ Shop Free*Style

TP to Genre
TP to Fantasy Gacha Carnival
TP to Shop Free*Style

Location – Aurora Vale

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