Cajsa Fast Five: August 19th

Fast Five It’s been a long time since I posted a Fast Five, mainly a combination of working on the Love Donna Flora event and my laptop breaking again. I need to get back into my blogging routine.


  1. This Doesn’t Happen Often – But I’m Offended. Raquella Warholl of La Brujita  is offended and so am I. She is writing about the ill-conceived Homeless Awareness Hunt. Even the best of intentions can go awry when care is not taken to avoid perpetuating myths and stereotypes and when the objects of your compassion become caricatures. The hunt-organizer Joshuan Banx has a different opinion and offers his rebuttal by Clearing the Air. 
  2. The Drax Files: World Makers [Elie Spot] She is one of the most successful SL designers and makes it sound so inviting. I also love that the Love Donna Flora! sim is captured forever in the video as part of the video is shot there. 
  3. Artfish: Of the Baroque and Tactile. Dita Actor does amazing photos and styling and I recommend browsing through her blog One Part Ourfish to see more than just this post. I wish, however, that she showed credits.
  4. Is Firestorm the Viewer For You? Ed Merryman points out that Firestorm is not for everybody and that’s okay. Lette Pannier writes a companion piece with more detail about different users, hoppers and squatters, and who and who will not find joy with Firestorm.
  5. SL Projects Update Week 33; Inara Pey does her priceless work reporting on upcoming projects, changes and improvements to Second Life. Folks will be most interested, I think, in the texture thrashing and group bans. Folks have been seeing textures load and then reload and not settle into sharp focus and the Lab is trying to track down the culprit. Group bans – well, anyone who manages a group is going to be happy to see that. It’s in development, but not yet ready.
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CadI missed this! Great roundup Ms Lilliehook
(((Cajsa)))If there were a Super Six, your books post would have been there!
WhiskeyC'estMoiYay! I'm so glad you're "back."
ღChandniღCajsaLilliehook: Thought you want to know that there is a typo.. "If firestorm the viewer for you?" instead of "Is" :-)
Cadlol my books post was last weeek, but thanks! I really like to catch up on big picture stuff (though I miss your What I Like column too....)
(((Cajsa)))What I Like? I kind of miss doing them, but I don't miss the stress - the 50 odd pictures "shared" everyday in hopes I will like them and the "i wasn't picked again" laments.
Cadwait, people marketed their pics at you? And then got upset when they weren't chosen? Okay I agree that's more trouble than it's worth
WhiskeyC'estMoiThe first time Cajsa chose one of my shots for What I Like, I went full on screaming Beatles fangirl. Hard.
(((Cajsa)))Cadlorakeet: I got more emails from people wanting me to look at their pictures than all other emails combined (including spam)
(((Cajsa)))chandnikhondji: Thanks, fixed it.
(((Cajsa)))and they didn't get mad at me, it was more the comments here on pluck, "I should just quit taking pictures" kind of comments which is kind of the opposite of what I hoped the column would do.
DeoridheI loved What I Like, but I can see how people could fixate on it.
WhiskeyC'estMoiNOOOOOO!!! Your column inspired me!! OH MY GOSH- I admired the work there for some many moons, when I couldn't see SL like that! I loved it. It never made me feel bad, only inspired. I'm glad you did it.

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