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The Lost Doll of the Forever Tea

Doll Tea 1

Many years ago, she became aware. Like any mind that becomes instantly aware, she had many questions, but alas, there was no one around to ask them.

On her tiny island home, she found many things, plant life, creatures and some structures. She seemed to have knowledge of what to do with all the things she found, knew their names and function.

Ingrained in her was the need to serve tea, though she did not know for whom. It became an obsession, to the point where she would stand by the teahouse door, and wait for the guests that never came.

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Dolly In Exile

She knew it from the start…there was no one who loved this little dolly. One day she was just thrown away and forgotten about. It wasn’t such a horrible tragedy, she dusted herself off and vowed to eventually find a new home. For now, she roams from village to village and from the shadows watches all the little girl’s cuddling their dollies. One day she will be loved……..one day.

Hybie is wearing:
*DOLLCOCO*_Body(snow) (mesh) (free to group members)
*DOLLCOCO*_Head(snow)_Lily (mesh)
*DOLLCOCO*_SleevelessDress_Black (mesh)
>TRUTH< Marielle – ivory
*photos taken at Innsmouth