Donna Flora Main Store Has Moved


Donna Flora has moved from the big sprawling romantic store with its secret rooms on Bonin to a more contemporary, streamlined store on Florencia. With Squinternet’s health keeping her from producing new items on a regular basis, she really needed to cut back, so she downsized from a full sim to a homestead. Her newest clothing has migrated to the new store and all of her jewelry is there as well. The old store will remain on Bonin for one last week and most of the older clothing that is there will be retired. While helping her move, I saw this dress, one of her early mesh pieces. I don’t remember seeing it before but I really liked the combination of a sleek sheath with the full sleeves.


Meanwhile at MiaMai, Monica Outlander made room for a satellite store for Donna Flora jewelry on her sim! This will allow people to continue to discover Donna Flora while shopping. She will also be producing some special designs in the near future, MiaMai for Donna Flora, with the sales all for Squinternet.


And of course, Donna Flora has the perfect shoes to wear with the dress! You will like her new store I think. A lot of folks came together to help her move. She placed pink boxes in front of what she wanted moved and checked in to supervise. Fanatik donated the new store building, Monica Outlander of MiaMai made this gorgeous wrought iron scroll for her logo, Hart Larsson helped replace the old landmarks with the new and added a new notecard with the cleverest little updating thingamabob and helped move her stuff and I helped moved it from piles in the middle of the room to the walls. All the excitement of moving plus the positive energy from everyone’s messages at Love Donna Flora gave her a real boost of energy and enthusiasm.


And naturally, FLAIR has a manicure applier for SLink mesh hands that will work perfectly with the dress, because that’s what having flair is all about, right?


My hair is from Vanity Hair, The Meadows. I love the sort of retro quality it has, an updo that is the perfect balance of simple and dressy.


This gorgeous new skin is from PXL Creations and will be released very, very, very soon. The release got delayed just a bit, though, because Hart Larsson has been spending a lot of time the last few days helping Squinternet with her move. He’s worked his fingers to the bone, but no mercy! We want this skin and we want it now! The earrings are, of course, from Donna Flora! They are a relatively old pair, but like the best vintage jewelry and clothing, they are timeless.

Store info at Blogging Second Life
Poses: Ma Vie
Skin: PXL Jade SK Stylish Eyes
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard
Lashes: Lelutka
Mani/Pedi: SLink Mesh Hands with FLAIR nails
Hair: Vanity Hair The Meadow
Clothing: Donna Flora Donatella Deco
Shoes: Donna Flora Shoes, Ermes Gold
Jewelry: Donna Flora Earrings Artemide
Donna Flora Main Store: Donna Flora Main Store 
Donna Flora Jewelry Store at MiaMai

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2 thoughts on “Donna Flora Main Store Has Moved

  1. caoimhe lionheart

    I think i have bought most of donna flora jewelry at one point or another for shows or personal use. So amazing! Cajsa, tell me how I can assist. I am squinternet’s humble servant. Cao

  2. Cajsa Lilliehook Post author

    You can sign up to blog at the web site and definitely leave a message for Squinternet on the web site. Also, there is a Flickr group. Thanks!

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