Peace, love, and purple skins


Sometimes Second Life is Shakespearean stuff, but when it’s best, it allows me to have a peaceful and meditative place inside of myself. I love walking around on beautiful-interesting-evocative sims and soaking up the mood of the person who created it. I love looking like a purple spotted demon because of someone else’s vision. SLife’s good, even when you find out that half the men are women and vice-versa.



Jeans: (milk motion) boyfriend jeans in dark blue with patches
Horns: Cuttles Tentacle Horns ~silentsparrow~
Skin: Plastik FLF Asaia skin with soul ink makeup
Shoes: (milk motion) My loafers -leopard
Jewelry: Schadenfreude Pagoda Uncaged earrings/necklace
Sweater: The Sea Hole persuasion sweater – violette
Hair: Lamb Ruby (mesh) in Moss color
Sim: Tuatha de Danann

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