Walkin’ well before midnight


Hello! It’s amazing how well the PRETENSE ESCAPE poses (meant for a bag hold) work with my big old staff. I’ve been trying my best to bust out of my shell in Second Life of late, visiting new sims and wandering like I used to do in my Second Youth. I’ve really enjoyed stalking Julliette Bergan’s photostream for this, which is how I stumbled upon Sea Salt, the sim where my avatar’s wandering.

Funny story. I teleported into the sim, flew a bit and found a nice place, and then the PLUMBER CAME. The real life one, Second Life is blissfully free of plumbers (except in, you know, THOSE sims). So I idled for a good fifteen minutes, only to return and realize that I’d totally interrupted a sweet tete-a-tete by two lovers lying not ten fake feet away from me. Oops. Whoever you were, sorry, I wasn’t standing around staring at you two sexting, I promise!

Also, if you wanna see more of this pose set, please click this way.

Tattoo: Wicked Retrieve tattoo
Mask: Illusions dragon queen mask
Hair: Wasabi Pills Valerie Mesh Hair
Skin: Plastik Aleria ethereal Lilac
Jewelry: Mandala soul jewelry set in blue
Nails: Mandala Sinra 2 nails and rings
Dress: Wishbox Whimsy in black
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui wanderlust boots in black
Staff: Staff of the Forest by Zory
Poses: PRETENSE ESCAPE poses with bag holds

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