Cajsa Fast Five: June 27th

Fast Five Why did I wake up at 5 AM when my cat didn’t even wake me? Clearly, he has so effectively trained me to wake at 5, he doesn’t even have to bother standing on my face any more. You would think waking up so early would mean getting more done. Why doesn’t that happen?

  1. Liberty and Justice for ALL: Vaki Zenovka celebrates the marriage decisions handed down from the Supreme Court yesterday with a brilliant photo replicating the iconic V-J Day kiss with Lady Liberty and Justice. I love it. 
  2. The Top Ten Innovations That Have Shaped the Face of Second Life Fashion Over Ten Years. SL10B finds Iris Ophelia reflecting on the history of SL fashion and choosing what the thinks are the key innovations. See if you agree.
  3. Dust in the Wind: Luna Daines in a sweet outfit with two lovely photos. I kind of love the falling leaves, even though they fall suspiciously neatly.
  4. The Impish One: Serene Fairey is so well styled I want to rush out and buy everything.  I love Art Deco and she does it very well.
  5. Violin: I love the sweet romanticism in this ethereal photo from Liv Haalan for her blog.
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