Cajsa Sent Me My Nightmare

Cajsa sent me my favorite and scariest Doctor Who villain, the WEEPING ANGEL. Her message from MP? “I Can’t”. Ha.

I put it on and headed over to a cemetery. I had found a spot when, VISITORS ARRIVED!


Boy: It’s just a statue


Boy: Nah

Then I moved.

Girl: OMG RUN!

Boy: It’s a script!!!


Exactly my pretty. Don’t blink. I’m totally gonna get you.

I have the very slightest quibble with the creator, in that I’m wearing all the parts but there is an alpha glitch, and since it’s not like 1L I feel like I should share that.

I relogged twice and checked my settings, so it’s not me, alas. According to my inventory I AM wearing all the pieces so this is a bit of an annoying flaw. This would be a great shot were part of my body not transparent.

Also – it comes with an emoter hud that is a tad wonky. This face isn’t really made to emote  well as too much movement destroys the face structure. Plus – this HUD gets stuck. I take it on and off and on and off and I can’t get the face to move.

This is after a rebake with my LOD turned up and my meshmaxconcurrent turned up.

It’s just two problems, that aren’t totally game killers for me, the weeping pose hides the alpha problems but all the others completely show it off.

I think this is a great idea but the creator should probably check the MP box to make sure it isn’t missing something, or, release it again with a tweak.

Despite that, I had fun terrorizing children with it. There are a lot of Doctor Who inspired items at Who’s Who but I’d also caution the creator on naming things directly the same names as Doctor Who.  It just gets into muddy water and sometimes not muddy, sometimes downright copyright violation territory. Best to be safe and say “inspired by”.

You can find this and more HERE

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