The Silence of the Prims

Silence of the Prims

When this idea popped into my head, I had to do it even though I am so far behind on so many things I had not planned to do Berry’s SL Movie Poster Challenge at all. However, when I was trying to finish things up for our Blogger Carnival at SL10B and SL would not even let me rez a wood box, I was feeling homicidal – at that moment, I could have been a serial prim killer. And that’s when I thought of doing this – and of course, just had to shoot it. It was not terribly difficult. I made a mouthie with a death head moth and that’s about it for shooting in SL. Even the editing was mostly making it black and white in parts and adding noise. Anyway, hope you like it. The skin – as much as you can see is PXL Creations, the eyes are Insufferable Dastard and the Death Head Moth was made by me.


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