Cajsa Fast Five: June 13th

Fast Five It’s been a while since I did a Fast Five. I have been irritated at folks lately. It is hard to highlight good things when I am aggravated. I have disliked browsing the feeds and Flickr thanks to the overabundance of photos that just should not be there. However, I  have decided to push on through and recognize that I can’t change people, just my own reaction to them.

  1. Normal maps, spec maps and diffuse, oh my! Sei Minuet has a great tutorial demonstrating that the new materials work on regular old prime, too, not just mesh, so ooh la la! 
  2. How to view multiple textures on one mesh with more than one material in Blender. Siddean Munro has a great editorial on multiple textures. Hair makers take note! 
  3. 53 Lets the Sun Shine Through – Bodzha Elderflower has another great photo and I just love the styling. I want that hat and I want it now!
  4. Challenge Gallery 42: Community (SL10B Challenge): There’s a great collection of pictures for this week’s Single Frame Stories. Go check them out!
  5. Cat Litter – Oh, this is exciting, a preview, a hint, a possibility of a Where’s Dim Sum game….I can’t wait to see more.
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