Cajsa Fast Five: May 17th

Fast Five It’s Friday. If you missed my last post, AVENUE’s May issue is out and is full of goodness including some amazing East meets West styling that is too good to miss.


  1. Enabling Facebook Notifications for Friends and Favorites: This new tutorial has good advice for your SL and RL facebook pages to manage your notifications. Strawberry Singh is an expert on social media networking options and is generous with her advice. Be sure to check this out. 
  2. Celebrate Norwegian National Day by Visiting Tromso Sim: Eddie Haskell reviews Tromso sim, calling it one of SL’s most satisfying destinations. It is Syttende Mai. Growing up in the Scandinavian enclave of northern Minnesota, I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard, “Syttende Mai. The day 10,000 Swedes ran through the weeds, chased by one Norwegian.”
  3. Sixth Annual Home & Garden Expo: That’s a link to the event’s website where you can find all the details on entertainment, participating stores, and everything else associated with this great Relay For Life event.
  4. The SLawshank Redemption: Tymmerie Thorne has a hysterically funny take on Berry’s SL Confessions meme. If you miss this, you may miss the best laugh of the day.
  5. How to Create Your Own Financial Crisis: Gwyneth Llewelyn has written a massive article on the Lab’s prohibiting third party exchanges and their cautious re-opening of exchanges only for purchasing Lindens and reviews some of the forces that may be driving these decisions – not just the US FinCen regulations, but also a recent report by the European Central Bank. It’s fascinating, informative and outlines possible options for the future, for example, there is still an exchange in operation for buying and selling Lindens in Portugal – because it’s run by a real banks that already comply with anti-fraud requirements.
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