Cajsa Fast Five: May 11

Fast Five There is so much goodness today, I had more than five picks before I even opened up the feeds. So, for great pictures, great styling and generally great posts, let’s get started.


  1. Memory Bliss – Sophee Mojo just blows my mind with this post. If you don’t scroll down to see her head shot, I will punish you. The composition is masterful, from the ess-curve made with her head, neck and shoulders, her use of the golden ratio and the rule of threes with those bright pops of red. I am in love with this photo. 
  2. Holy Crap! It’s a New Post! Skye Donardson SL Photography on a Budget blog should be on everyone’s bookmarks anyway. She focuses on blog posts that explain the “behind the scenes” of photography, dressing the set, finding the pose. Her blog is unique and I am glad to see her getting back to her basic theme with this post. She has great finds that will have you browsing marketplace in a heartbeat.
  3. Bicycle Rezzer – What Next has a new product coming out that makes me happy. I hope to see this in shopping sims and country sims and garden sims and everywhere else. Perhaps not on a Star Wars sim.
  4. Silver Streak – Anessa Stine knocks it out of the ball park with this post. The free flowing ombre dress with the dramatic eye shadow would be enough, but add that confident striding pose with the most perfectly chosen hair ever to the mix and you have a tour de force fashion photo.
  5. And then over at New World Notes, Iris Ophelia is on a roll with two great posts that should not be missed. State of the AV: The Virtual Future’s So Bright, I Need to Wear Cybershades is a stunning cyberchic outfit with brilliant styling. On a more sober note, Dear Internet: If You Must, Harass Me for What I’m Doing – Not for What I Am focuses on the all-too-common sexual harassment of women on the internet, a phenomenon that nearly every woman no the internet has experienced and one which is almost invisible to most men, so ubiquitous it fades into the environment.
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