Miamai IS The Protagoniste

Protagonist means the first character or the leader. That’s quite fitting because Miamai has been busy carving out a new normal in makeup and fashion with the release of the Protagoniste beauty HUD. Eyeliners, lashes, eyes, contacts, face gems, the list goes on of amazing variables that are possible all in one HUD. I thought I would take a few minutes to walk you though the basics to not only show you how it works but what is possible, from girl next door to Gaga.

Protagoniste by Miamai - Step One Pick Out Your Eyes

I chose a bare makeup from Pink Fuel because I really wanted to show off what amazing about this creation vs an already glammed up skin.

First of all there are great eye colors to choose from, whether you prefer grey scale or pink sclera there is something fr you. I chose a pink tone eye for fun. At the bottom you see you can add a “contact” over your eye, so for fun I chose one.
Protagoniste by Miamai - Step Two - Enhance with Contacts

It adds a bit of texture and gives a unique look to your eye. I chose the one on the far right. I’m also wearing the very most BASIC lashes that you can add. You can see they are very understated and lovely.

Protagoniste by Miamai - Step Three - Turn on and Off Any Options

As you can see in the VISIBILITY tab – you can control which aspects of the Protagoniste Vanity  system you want displayed. I just chose “Extra lashes”. BAM. Lashes!
Protagoniste by Miamai - I turned on DIAMONDS

Next I added DIAMONDS to see what that would do. These are very pretty for nightclub looks or evening out fun. They are beautifully done. I wore them around a while and didn’t ever get that weird fading out thing that some mesh lashes/attachments will do.
Protagoniste by Miamai - I Turned ON Feathers and Picked a Color


Touching the makeup tab will let you customize the types of lashes, colors of feathers (I turned feathers ON over in VISIBILITY) as well as your gemstones color and even add eyeliner which I’m not showing you today.

It’s a great versatility option, especially for bloggers who are always trying to be fresh and new, so many options at your fingertips. I really love this thing.

I forgot to mention that the POSE STAND option in the visibility tab is fantastic because you just click it and boom you are in the posing position without burning a prim to rez one. It’s great for those of us on a low prim budget.

The Protagoniste Beauty Hud from Miamai – exploring it’s options. AWESOME

These shots are all raw. I will crop them later when I post.


Gidge Is Wearing:
Skin: Pink Fuel – Alyx – Vanilla – Pure
Hair: Alice Project – Disna with Bangs
All Eye Makeup and Eyes: Miamai – Protagoniste Vanity Beauty Hud Options


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