Cajsa Fast Five: May 1st

Fast Five Happy Labor Day to most of the world! Happy May Day!

Some great posts today, some with creative writing, some with magical photos.


  1. The Very Special Agent:  Irina Strazytski imagines undercover law enforcement in 2037. I loved the post and her imaginative character-building. The styling is fabulous, too. 
  2. Fiona Blaylock Naked Art Show Raided by NTPD. Vaneeesa Blaylock has a fun post over at IRez reporting on her sister’s antics and the resultant police raid.
  3. Lights of Remembrances: Opal Lei takes Dim Sum to a magical place.
  4. FireStorm Clouds: Inara Pey shows how to access new clouds in FireStorm and they are amazing! Now if only it did not crash the instant I try to save a photo.
  5. Peace: Whiskey Monday’s photos are always wonderful, but this is my favorite of them all. It’s stunning and you will not want to miss it.
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