Cajsa Fast Five: April 27th

Fast Five

The problem with having a cold is getting behind. It’s been four days since I did my last Fast Five and so much worthy stuff has been posted since then. I hope I can winnow it down to just five. It won’t be easy. I am going to cheat by adding this link to Daniel Voyager’s List of Viewers that support Server-Side Baking. He does not review or evaluate them; he just lists them, so I am going to pretend that does not count as a post.

  1. Takuya Jinn of Gabriel Speaks: A Fictional Exclusive Interview. I love humor and this post from Caduceus Lorakeet is hysterically funny. I dare you not to laugh.
  2. About SLOCCA and My Store: Aemeth Lysette wades into the template vs. original mesh controversy from the seldom-heard from perspective of a person who uses both and brings a common-sensical perspective.
  3. Thoughts on Time, Relationships and Trust in Second Life. Carrie Lexington ponders the difficulties of building relationships and trust in a virtual world and offers some sage advice.
  4. Would You Be My Friend? It’s purely coincidental, I think, but Graz also addresses friendship in Second Life, but from the more concrete perspective of the Friends List. He develops categories for his friends list and they sound about right.
  5. The Demon of the Night Is Riding on the 48th: Bodza Blackadder has another masterful photo and styling that is not to be missed. In fact, there is a series of her posts from fantasy faire that are amazing. You should check them all out.
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