The Trouble With Troobles (Yeah I Went There)

New Pets from Amazon and the Lab

The Lab did a partnership with  a few weeks ago for a “free pet” family – the Troobles. It was free – you just had to click buy and it was delivered magically to your inventory.

I do like pets. 🙂

The first set I rezzed were possessed by the devil himself, I say this because of their soulless eyes. But there was an updater and the second set did in fact NOT have demon eyes. I consider this a plus.

Troobles Everywhere

I got a mama, a papa and two babies. You can click on them for advice as well. Apparently, sharing sunglasses makes you go blind. I did not know this. THANK YOU TROOBLES!

Alas though, a crawling baby and three cats didn’t leave a lot of room from these erstwhile quadruped roombas so, I did what any responsible pixel pet owner would do.
Be Free Little Troobles!


I set them free.

BE FREE LITTLE TROOBLES! Run away to mainland and populate! Someone needs to live there!
White Doll

Was that wrong?

Gidge Is Wearing:
Lipstick: [PF] – Lip Tint – Pink (teeth)
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 4
Lipstick: [PF] Classic Lipstick – Orchid (teeth)
Hair: >TRUTH< Dee (Mesh) – swedish
Shoes: Baiastice_Athena pumps-ivory-
Dress: lassitude & ennui – Gothic doll corset dress rose S – for Fantasy Fair
Jacket: lassitude & ennui – Gothic doll jacket cream XS – for Fantasy Fair
Nails:Slink Avatar Enhancement Fingernails (ANIM)
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: [Pink Fuel] Alyx – Lt. Smokey/Eye B (ltbrow)
Eyes: Vision by A:S:S – Quinn – Gaynor natural
Pets: Troobles from Linden Lab
Nail Color: FLAIR


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3 thoughts on “The Trouble With Troobles (Yeah I Went There)

  1. Chic Aeon

    I SO have to admit that I clicked through from the feed LOL. Imagine all those little Troobles mating with the bunnies and other forgotten breedables :D. A RL friend proposed the other day that SL may soon be owned by Amazon and that they are testing the waters. No I am NOT starting a rumor. I like Amazon and I like SL. I am not so terribly sure I would like them together. But it is interesting how the deliver to your inbox thing keeps popping up *wink*.

    And that is a pretty dress :D.

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