Cajsa Fast Five: April 23rd

Fast Five I have been under the weather the last few days. It’s funny how our emotions effect our health. I am sure that my feeling sick is more about today being the anniversary of my dad’s death than any little bacteria sneaking up on me. Oh well, even if I don’t feel up to shooting some pictures, I do have enough energy to browse the blogs for some highlights. Hope you like them.

  1. From the Rooftops for Gidge Uriza: I have been telling Gidge for a long time that she should write about about parenting autistic children. So many “experts” pretend that there is something transformative in the struggle, that people are ennobled by their experience. I suppose that could be comforting. You’re changing diapers for an 8 year old, but it makes you holy.

    Gidge has no such delusions and I think it would be a great comfort to parents who are overwhelmed with anxiety and frustration to have someone acknowledge that is really is hard and there’s a lot of shit, literal and figurative to deal with. I think someone needs to be honest and admit that sometimes parents get tired, cranky and frustrated and while it’s not noble, it’s honest.
    That is something Gidge does – and while she’s not writing that damn book yet, she is going to start a mutual support group. Sasy Scarborough wrote all about it and provides the link to add your name if you want to participate. You should check it out and share that info with friends who may need a reminder that they don’t have to be saintly to be good parents to autistic children.

  2. Why Do You Blog Meme: Strawberry Singh asks the fundamental questions. I am not someone who does every meme, picking and choosing the ones that appeal to me. This one, though, frankly, if you can’t answer why you blog, you probably should not blog. So, while I might not get around to it today, I will definitely do this meme.
  3. I Miss You: Vixxie Vultee’s post about losing her father hit home. I was luckier than her. I had more years with my father, but I recognize that pain. Her post is brutally honest about how deeply that loss is felt. It’s brave to admit that while time does soften the edges, it never restores that loss.
  4. Firestorm 4.4.0, bake, backup and roll: Inara Pey does her usual masterful job of explaining the changes in Firestorm’s new viewer in a way that is clear and concise. One of the new features is the ability to back up one’s settings. I can do a happy dance at never having to reset all my photography preferences of my camera view again. I am assuming no one needs a reminder that Firestorm has released a new update.
  5.  Treesome – Checking in with the peripatetic Dim Sum again. Seriously, bookmark this web site and go every day. There is such joy in this project. I love everything from the concept to the execution.
  6. FAQ Asked Support Questions:  I saw this post from Lette Ponnier just after I published and since some of these questions are frustrating people right now, I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow. If you’re having questions about Black Screen, Height Offset and Hidden Buttons in the new Firestorm release, check here.
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