Cajsa Fast Five: April 17

Fast FiveToday finds me sending you back to the same blog as last time, but how could I not, the photo is so special. The rest if great fashion or lifestyle blog posts and one post with guidance on pronunciation.


  1. A Midsummer Nights Dream: Wise Sandalwood had half of Plurk agog yesterday wondering how she did this. I assume she used a mix of different texture layers and brushes in Photoshop. Part of the magic is not telling. The other part is recognizing how perfectly the Doll Coco Avatar is for creating illustrations.
  2. Loneliness: Wicca Merlin  does a stunning exploration of hard and soft textures and moods in styling her Gizza-centric outfit yesterday. The pieces she pulled together should have been disjointed, but somehow they work together.
  3. The FIC Is Back! (Or It Never Left) – This is a few days old as I hesitated to include this post from Prokofy Neva whose infinite capacity for argument is well-known. However, I have been mispronouncing FIC all this time. It rhymes with BIKE, not SICK. That is one of the things covered in this op-ed full of speculation that is debunked in the Update at the end.
  4. Soleil: Eve Kazan has a beautiful travel/fashion post featuring the arid FAS sim and her finds at the local market, the spice, the pottery, the flowers…
  5. 229: Nati Williams did a post featuring her garden. I want to live there.
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