Skin Fair: Ugly Duck Olive skin and Calf shape


It’s that time of the year where your fashion feed fills with porn — no wait, those are just all us fashion bloggers reviewing our loot from the Skin Fair! That’s right, in order to better show you what the skin looks like, we’re compelled to post all nekky and in sexy lingerie and stuff. (I secretly suspect we’re all just exhibitionists.)

I’m not even me in this photo. I’m wearing a gorgeous skinny-model-esque shape by Ugly Duck (called the Calf shape, Fade Lei’s professed favorite), and the new Ugly Duck Olive skin too. I’m kind of addicted to both. (By the way, I threatened to blog her shapes in demo form, because they look so cute and gollumy with the enormous hands and feet.) Go check it out at the Skin Fair!

Sitting next to me is a new mesh plushie from ~Silentsparrow~, keeping me company while my partner is busting her ass all day making mesh corsets and necklaces and stuff.

Shape: Ugly Duck Calf
Skin: Ugly Duck Olive (makeup/dark)
Hair: Lamb Black Magic in my little pony
Birdie: ~silentsparrow~ Chymri Mesh Plush Bird
Lingerie: Luxuria Caer lingerie set, vintage

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1 thought on “Skin Fair: Ugly Duck Olive skin and Calf shape

  1. sylvan

    Out of the shapes for sale were there any others that really appealed to you? I keep demoing them. I make my own shapes but I love seeing these skins through Fade’s eyes and these shapes give us that. 😀

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