The Fashionista Achievement Awards Continue: Mating Habits

Pair-bonding is a normal social behavior, but in a virtual community there are some norms and conventions that work a bit differently than in a normal, sane community. Tonight, I bring you the achievement awards for that those moments outside the norm.

150 Bronze

Achievement Unlocked: BRONZE LEVEL – MANCLICKING – Whether or intentional or not, you’ve cammed on or clicked on another woman’s man. And she’s called you on it. In loud, angry words that include slurs of various sorts she’s unleashed a torrent of verbal abuse your way.  Increase your status to REVERED if she did this in public chat vs IM.

150 Silver
Achievement Unlocked: SILVER LEVEL – NAUGHTY CLICKY – It’s happened. You got clicky in a naughty way with someone you weren’t supposed to. In this scenario, your lover has told it after the fact. You’ve been duped and used by a playa. The best possible way to handle this is obviously to lie about it to your friends, and possibly have them assassinate the character of anyone who knows you are guilty of it. In fact, send that mob after anyone who knows you did this beastly deed. That’ll teach them.

150 Gold
Achievement Unlocked:  GOLD LEVEL BUSTED. You can only earn this level if you were in fact caught VISUALLY by the last people you would even want to know that you shagged this loser. To unlock the GOLD level you have to in fact simply ignore this has happened and continue on as though you were not in a state of shame. People will be so amazed you’ll will now be able to shag anyone you like. The lack of drama in your wake will impress future generations to come.


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3 thoughts on “The Fashionista Achievement Awards Continue: Mating Habits

  1. seicher rae

    I obviously don’t move in the right circles. While I understand Silver and Gold well enough, camming or clicking on someone? Like in a club? Like to read a profile? To see who made his clothes? Omg, I’ve been catting around and didn’t even know it?!

  2. Isle Lunasea

    Thanks for the memories, Gidge lol!… I guess I hit revered status in 2009 when I accidentally clicked someone’s av when I was trying to buy a shirt behind them, and this female av FREAKED OUT. In open chat. Luckily, I was able to blog it for the amusement of future generations.

    Isle Lunasea, ManClicker.

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