Cajsa’s Fast Five: March 2nd

Fast Five Today I am going to take advantage of this space to direct you to an article I wrote elsewhere, but since the point of the Fast Five is to highlight the cool, interesting, amazing and important posts of other people, I will make it a Fast Six for today.

  1. What I Like #90 is my article at Shopping Cart Disco. Normally this column focuses on a few select pictures that caught my eye recently and which I think illustrate great composition. This column, though, is full of suggestions for Second Life’s staff on how they could diversity their front page. 
  2. The Drax Files – World Makers. Strawberry Singh does a great introduction to a new video series about Second Life that highlights the creators of our world. If you don’t smile when you hear why he began making trees, you haven’t an ounce of romance in your soul.
  3. Ashasekayi Ra – This offering from Ashasekayi Ra for the Connecting: 365 Lives project really speaks to me about what matters in Second Life, the community of people and the care, support and friendship we offer each other.
  4. Challenge Gallery 29: Almost. This week’s edition of Single Frame Stories is up with a dozen interpretations inspired by the word Almost.
  5. My Little Walrus from Jill Narstrom is so sweet it will make your teeth hurt. I will definitely be buying that jacket.
  6. Learning to Walk Again from Jolene McAndrews is great for two reasons. I think the hi-top shoes are adorable and according to the post, you can customize them six ways to Sunday. However, what I love most is the clever way McAndrews found to show off the shoes. Kudos for creativity.
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