Cajsa’s Fast Five: March 1st

Fast Five Today’s Fast Five includes a great op-ed on shopping, exciting new releases and some stunning photos. Also yoga.

  1. Meeting New People from Sandra Willow. Doesn’t it seem as though the longer we are in SL, the more our world shrinks. We explore less, we socialize less, we make fewer friend requests. Then we complain about standing about with nothing to do. Well, Sandra Willow isn’t doing that. I will be honest, the activity she wrote about sort of boggled my mind, but then I thought what they heck, she’s meeting new people. 
  2. Erare Project Mermaid from Gogo. I predict the Erare Project Mermaids will be the next new thing in SL – and deservedly so. Gogo even made a short movie to capture how well they move. It’s exciting to see high fashion brands who have built their reputation on beautifully made fashion venture into the world of fantasy.
  3. Sometimes It’s Good to Be Reminded of the Value of Shopping In-World. Inara Pey has a fabulous op-end complete with beautiful pictures and great resources to encourage all of us to shop in-world, even if we find things on Marketplace. I totally agree and fear Marketplace’s growth as a point of sale will lead to few beautiful, creative and imaginative sims supported by store sales and a shrinking world for all of us.
  4. L’Homme SL from Marcopol Oh has a beautiful picture and I want his windlight!!
  5. Arcade Doll Head Preview from Toast Bard. Okay, color me entranced. I love the wit, humor and sheer fun captured by these doll heads for The Arcade.
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